The Pope named those responsible for the onset of dark times

The military industry is to blame for fueling conflict and bringing about dark times. Pope Francis named those responsible in an interview with RAI.

According to the pontiff, the world is in a state of war and the reason for this is the most profitable military industry at the moment. “The times are very dark. There will be no opportunity to think clearly and in the darkest hour I will add: an unnecessary defeat,” he added.

He also called for peaceful coexistence between Israel and Palestine because all solutions must be achieved through dialogue. “War is defeat. I took this as another defeat. Two peoples who should live together. With this wise decision: two peoples, two states. The Oslo Agreement: two very limited states and Jerusalem with a special status,” the Pope said.

Earlier, Pope Francis called on the radical Palestinian movement Hamas to release the Israeli hostages. He also asked for access for humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.