The Kremlin reacted to the visit of the head of the European Commission to Kyiv

Comments by Dmitry Peskov and Maria Zakharova on Ursula von der Leyen’s visit to Kyiv reflect Russia’s critical position on the issue of European support for Ukraine. The visit of the head of the European Commission to Ukraine is important, as it demonstrates the continued support of the European Union during the military conflict and the discussion of the prospects for Ukraine’s accession to the EU, as well as issues of financial assistance to restore the country after the damage caused by military actions.

In the context of these statements, Peskov emphasizes that the assessment of such visits should come from EU citizens, who, in his opinion, have every right to analyze the effectiveness of spending their taxes, including on the activities of senior EU officials. This statement highlights Russia’s approach to European politics, which has recently been marked by increased skepticism and criticism in light of the current political and military crisis in Ukraine.

Maria Zakharova, known for her sharp and often ironic remarks, uses sarcasm to indicate that she believes the European Union is renewing its support for Ukraine, which Moscow may perceive as avoidance of other problems or criticism of policies EU.