Scientists have found a medical use for shark skin

This discovery could be extremely important in the field of regenerative medicine and the development of new drugs. The regenerative properties of shark mucus provide potential use for the creation of new therapeutic agents that can accelerate the healing of wounds and skin damage.

Mucins are high-molecular proteins present in the mucous secretions of most animals, including humans, and play a protective and regulatory role on the surface of mucous membranes. They can promote hydration, form a protective barrier against pathogens, and aid in tissue regeneration processes. In the case of sharks, their mucins are thought to have similar functions, and the fact that the pH of these secretions is close to that of human skin makes them potentially suitable for use in human medicine without significant risks of irritation or rejection.Scientists have found a medical use for shark skin

The biomedical applications of mucins are not limited to wound care. Their properties can be used in other areas, such as drug delivery, the creation of barrier drugs (for example, gels to prevent infections), as well as in tissue engineering and as components for biocompatible coatings.

The study, published in MDPI, may provide the basis for further scientific work aimed at identifying and testing specific properties of shark mucus and determining its safety and effectiveness in various clinical applications. It also highlights the importance of conserving marine species, as biodiversity offers vast resources for biomedicine that can benefit humanity.