New mod for Starfield adds photorealistic eyes to characters

Modder UFR has just raised the bar for Starfield mods with a new modification that transforms characters’ eyes to a surprising degree of realism. Apparently he decided that since players would have to spend a lot of time talking to NPCs, their gaze should be as convincing as possible in the virtual world.

Thanks to this mod, the look of Starfield characters now boasts highly detailed textures and reflections that previously often seemed dull or artificial. The mod not only adds life to NPCs’ eyes, but also gives them additional depth, improving the overall experience of interacting with them. UFR appears to have put a lot of effort and skill into creating these textures, working on them by hand.

However, it’s worth noting that even with this level of detail, eyes still can’t fully convey human emotion or make characters’ gazes look completely “alive” – but it’s a big step forward for improving the immersiveness of the game.