Release trailer for the Haus add-on for Dead Island 2

Deep Silver is about to release a new batch of adventures for fans of Dead Island 2 – a trailer has been released for the Haus add-on, which can already be purchased for any gaming system.

In this DLC, players will explore a luxury villa in Malibu and confront a mysterious techno-cult led by a wealthy businessman named Konstantina. The addition will not only diversify the plot, but will also introduce new toys to the game for fighting zombies – from the K-ROSSBOW crossbow to Hog Roaster and Dead Islands. Also, 8 new skill cards will be introduced into the game, which will allow you to develop your character in an even more unique way.

Dead Island 2 can already be played on computers, as well as on current and previous generation consoles. But the next addition, called SOLA Festival, is promised to be released in the second quarter of next year.