Conditions for the release of foreign Hamas prisoners became known

According to CNN reports, Hamas is indeed seeking to ensure the safe exit of foreign citizens from the Gaza Strip and is demanding guarantees from Israel for the unimpeded passage of medical vehicles to the Rafah checkpoint. The demand comes after an Israeli attack on an ambulance, which raised concerns about the safety of medical personnel and transport in the conflict.

The opening of the Rafah crossing for a short period of time to the passage of people represents a significant step in resolving the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, difficulties with coordination between various parties, as mentioned by Dmitry Peskov, indicate problems in ensuring the security and freedom of movement not only of foreign citizens, but also of Russian citizens who find themselves in difficult situations in the region.

It appears that with the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian factions, diplomatic and humanitarian issues have become even more complex and require careful consideration and coordination among all stakeholders to ensure security and respect for international humanitarian law.