The head of Interpol complained about the lack of money from the organization

Interpol Secretary General Juergen Stock complained in an interview with Politico that the organization is experiencing financial difficulties.

“The problems are huge. I can’t say we have enough resources,” Stock said in an interview marking the organization’s 100th anniversary.

He also noted that Interpol is faced with the need to investigate numerous crimes related to sexual exploitation, drug trafficking and cybercrime. However, the organization requires significant capital investments, which are in short supply.

According to the Secretary General, the international economic recession and the energy crisis are the main obstacles to financing the organization. He added that tens of millions of euros are required to support new data collection and biometric analysis systems.

Earlier, the head of the National Central Bureau of Interpol of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Valery Kalachev, said that “unfriendly countries” want to exclude Russia from Interpol and are conducting behind-the-scenes debates about this, which have continued since the beginning of the special military operation.