Musk and Sunak argued about artificial intelligence and the need to work

American inventor Elon Musk and the British Prime Minister argued about artificial intelligence (AI) and the need to work. The Telegraph newspaper reports this.

The entrepreneur expressed confidence that AI technologies will free people from compulsory work. “There will come a point when work is no longer necessary, you can only work if you want, for personal satisfaction,” he said.

Sunak disagreed with Musk, noting that work gives people meaning. The meeting took place in the UK at a global conference on artificial intelligence.

The inventor also called on the Prime Minister to introduce tax breaks for British businesses to encourage them to create new innovative technology companies.

Earlier it became known that US President Joe Biden watched the film “Mission: Impossible: Deadly Reckoning. Part One” and was afraid of the development of artificial intelligence. As White House Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed noted, the head of state, “deeply interested in these technologies,” impressed by the film and a photo of himself created using deepfake technology seen on the Internet, signed a decree on October 30 to regulate the development of AI.