The UN spoke about women forced to give birth on the streets of Gaza among the ruins

Women in Gaza are forced to give birth in very poor sanitary conditions. This is stated in a joint statement by the UN Children’s Fund, the World Health Organization and the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

The World Organization indicated that due to shelling from the Israeli Army (IDF), births are taking place in overcrowded hospitals or refugee shelters, and often just on the street among the ruins. At the same time, it is unsafe to be in medical institutions; for example, on November 1, the most important maternity hospital of the Al-Hilo hospital was hit.

The UN estimates that there are currently 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza, with more than 180 giving birth every day. As of November 3, 2,326 women and 3,760 children had been killed in the Gaza Strip, accounting for 67 percent of all casualties, with thousands more injured. This means that 420 children, some as young as a few months old, are killed or injured every day.