Preparatory stage for transporting a kitchen stove

At the very beginning, owners of gas equipment are already faced with the first difficulties – turning off the device. If you can independently disconnect an electric stove from the network by simply unplugging the plug from the socket before moving with, then you cannot do it on your own. Turning off the gas stove must be carried out by a specialist. Working with such equipment has its own nuances, which only a master knows about. After a successful shutdown, the equipment must be prepared before packing. First, we disconnect all removable elements from the body. This is standard for gas stoves:

Grids in the oven and above the hob.
Baking trays from the oven.Preparatory stage for transporting a kitchen stove

When all removable elements are separated, they need to be washed well and packed in a separate box. Don’t forget to write on the box so that it doesn’t get lost in a pile of things later. Some people like to store frying pans, pancake pans, or spare baking sheets in the section under the oven. If you are one of them, then be sure to take out those kitchen utensils and put them in a box too.

Now you can begin large-scale cleaning. The stove needs to be pulled out to allow access to the housing from all sides, and the device must be thoroughly washed. Firstly, you should not transport a dirty stove to a new home, and after re-installation it will no longer be possible to completely remove grease and dirt from the back and side walls. Secondly, cleaning is necessary to solve practical problems. If there were or are cockroaches in the apartment at one time or another, then all equipment needs to be washed so as not to accidentally transport the pests to a new home.