Crystal packaging

Dishes made of crystal and Bohemian glass are the most fragile and expensive. Regardless of fashion trends, such dishes continue to be the main decoration of the holiday table. It is for this reason that crystal and other types of elite tableware must be treated with special trepidation during moving with packaging

Crystal vases and salad bowls often have a massive appearance. However, this does not mean that the products are durable. In fact, the volumetric relief can be easily damaged. Accordingly, it is necessary to pack crystal glassware slowly and with special care. Bubble polyethylene is an ideal option in this case. At the first stage of packaging, crumpled newspaper must be placed inside salad bowls, vases and glasses.

After this, glasses, vases, and salad bowls can be wrapped in bubble wrap. If polyethylene is not at hand, thick foam rubber, as well as soft towels or napkins, can be used instead. To prevent the packaging from losing its integrity during transportation, it should be well wrapped with tape. In the drawer where the crystal glassware is located, it is important to fill all the free space.