Rules for transporting a refrigerator in a horizontal position

When it is not possible to place the refrigerator in a vertical position, it can be transported on its side with Manufacturers do not recommend transporting in this way, since the risk of serious damage is too great. After such transportation, the refrigerator may completely fail, but if there is no other option, then this method can be used. In order for the device to survive transportation in a horizontal position, it must be placed not on the back wall or on the door, but only on the side.

Transportation lying down can lead to serious damage to the device, especially if you do not follow the recommendations of specialists. The owner needs to be prepared for the following defects:Rules for transporting a refrigerator in a horizontal position

Breakage or damage to the integrity of the evaporator tubes.
If the position is incorrect, oil may leak out, causing the supercharger to become clogged.
The compressor mounts may break, causing it to move out of place.
Incorrect position of the compressor can cause damage to its structure; freon can leak through cracks in the housing.
Due to such defects, the refrigerator may stop working and require lengthy, expensive repairs. To avoid further stress from moving, it is important to follow the rules for transporting equipment in a recumbent position. This will help minimize the risk of breakdown and deliver the equipment intact.