How not to be afraid of moving to another city?

Changing your place of residence is a very important and responsible event. Especially if you have to move with for the first time. Therefore, the question of how to profitably survive a move always remains very relevant.

Moving is truly a difficult event in life, both psychologically and physically. It is common for every person to get used to places. And although nomadic life may seem at first glance to be something romantic and exciting, in reality it turns out to be a serious challenge. Sometimes moving to another city or even country can turn into serious stress.

For example, psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Ray, in their psychological scale of stress from life events, mentioned change of residence as one of the main stress factors. Moving is often accompanied by changes in living conditions and established habits – additional stress factors that a person has to feel, and this, in turn, negatively affects mood, motivation and even health.

The International Marketing Research Institute TNS Sofres conducted a study according to which 70% of the people surveyed experienced severe stress when moving. This is especially true for women – 82% of them admitted that they had difficulty getting through it.

To make it easier to cope with a change of place of residence, it is worth adopting a few useful tips that will help you not only quickly adapt to a new stage of life, but also even reveal your hidden potential. The advice mentioned below is given not only by experienced psychologists, but also by ordinary people who have experienced both the hardships and the delights of moving.

Tell yourself every day how brave you are
Of course, there are people for whom moving around the country or even around different parts of the world is not something out of the ordinary. But, as practice shows, changes of this kind for the vast majority are always a serious shock to mental and emotional balance. Our homes are our fortress, where we can always take refuge, recover and escape from the outside world.How not to be afraid of moving to another city?

In order to decide to completely break with the past, pack life into boxes and set off to conquer unknown spaces, you need to have courage. It happens that people are deprived of a safe place and there is a need to start everything from scratch. In this case, you need to encourage yourself and believe in your capabilities.

Suppressing fear of the unknown
You can move to a completely unfamiliar place, or somewhere where friends, relatives and acquaintances live. One way or another, don’t be afraid to explore unfamiliar lands on your own. There is no need to constantly rely on friends who will naturally show you the city and teach you how to navigate the area if necessary. Never let fear lock you inside four walls, because it is much better to give yourself independence and put it at the forefront. You won’t need an escort to explore a new place. Open the city map on your smartphone and feel like a real discoverer.

Satisfying your sense of adventure
Every person needs different adventures in life. When we have to deal with major changes in life, the mind returns to its original state – the way of thinking of a child. Thus, the body is convinced that we are taking care of ourselves.

In the first time after moving, people tend to feel tired, emotional instability appears, they just want to lie down or even sleep constantly, like a newborn. However, this phase passes very quickly and the need arises to experience new sensations and re-explore the world.

Daily activities that inspire you
It doesn’t hurt to experiment with the routine. Psychologists believe that this makes it much easier to adapt to a new place. If before moving you liked to do yoga at home or relax in the park, you should try to integrate these hobbies in your new place. Set aside time every day, no matter how long it takes, because this will make you feel truly happy.

Visiting a cafe, even alone
Without knowing anyone in the city, you will most likely be tempted to order food locally. Instead, you should visit a cafe regularly. At first, you will most likely feel awkward, but this way you can expand your list of acquaintances, and maybe even find new friends.