Moving: preliminary monitoring

The seriousness of the goal implies the same investments. To begin with, information accumulation and moral resources will be required and calling The city of your dreams can look completely different. For ordinary people born in the outback, the ideal seems to be a metropolis. But residents of the capital want provincial silence. It doesn’t matter where exactly the selected city is located on the map or what its name is. It is more important to decide before changing your permanent residence:

With the cost of housing, rental availability, the possibility of exchanging and purchasing real estate.
Having a job in your specialty and a career prospect.
With the development of entertainment and services.
With weather conditions and environmental situation.
We must not forget about health. Especially for people with weather dependence. You can have a great time in the city on vacation, not knowing what’s going on there in the off-season. But this is easy to find out on the official city website by visiting local forums and chats. At the same time, look through job advertisements in the region, test the waters and prepare a resume. The best option would be to receive a job offer.Moving: preliminary monitoring

It is important to contact the employer in advance to discuss all conditions. There are companies that provide office housing. Or be willing to pay rent for an apartment for an out-of-town specialist.

Passive income or remote work with stable pay that does not depend on your place of residence can be a good support for the adaptation period.

The easiest way for those applying to universities is the city of dreams. Applicants can always clarify the nuances of admission and the availability of student dormitories by calling the admissions office. University websites also have all the information you need.

Help, at least informational, can be expected from acquaintances in the city – even casual ones. Having decided to change permanent residence, it is a good idea to take a test trip if the distance to the destination is not too great. This is necessary so that in a new place:

Get an idea of prices in the city.
Stock up on newspapers with advertisements and look through them at bus stops.
Buy a local SIM card for ease of negotiations.
Analyze your feelings again.