The most important day is moving day

Happy young couple sitting on the floor of new house surrounded by boxes

And on this day, do not change your principles – act according to the rules, call, and then everything will go quickly and smoothly.

On moving day, take care of small children and large animals. For both the former and the latter, turmoil is a huge stress. Leave them on neutral territory, asking relatives or friends for help. If your children are older, already schoolchildren, feel free to enroll them as assistants. They can perfectly carry small boxes, guard things or, for example, hold a door.The most important day is moving day
If you hire people to move based on an advertisement, be sure to supervise them at all stages. There have been cases when such “workers” disappeared along with the car on the way to a new place, or some things “evaporated” along the way.
Take care of the comfort (both yours and your employees). Moving is a long and physically difficult process, so it’s worth stocking up on pies, sandwiches or pizza for this day. An excellent option is fruit. Be sure to provide enough drinks. In the hot season – cool ones, in the cold – hot tea or coffee.
That’s all. When the last box is transported, you can exhale. But don’t relax. Your move is not over yet. When you unpack all the boxes, you can celebrate the housewarming.