“The end of the world will not be”: scientist about the approach to Earth asteroid Bennu

Scientist Grochovsky: Asteroid Bennu approaching the Earth does not threaten it in any way

Asteroid Bennu approaching the Earth is millions of kilometers away from the planet, so there is no threat to it, Viktor Grokhovsky, a professor at the Institute of Physics and Technology of the Ural Federal University and a member of the Committee on Meteorites of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told NEWS.ru. According to him, the topic of an asteroid collision with the Earth is now popular and such “scaremongering” sounds more and more often.

At the moment the asteroid is millions of kilometers away from us, so there is no threat to the planet, no end of the world will not happen.

The reason for the comment was a publication in the Daily Star, which reported with reference to the opinion of scientists that the asteroid Bennu, passing by our planet every six years, may collide with the Earth on September 24, 2182. Grokhovsky noted that such long predictions are not very reliable, even taking into account the data on the asteroid and its trajectory. He also recalled that American scientists have already made similar predictions last year.

Last year, American scientists also talked about the asteroid Bennu, estimating the probability of its collision with Earth at 1/1750.

In early September, the Center for the Study of Near-Earth Objects NASA also reported on the approach to Earth potentially dangerous asteroid 349507 (2008 QY) with a diameter of up to 1.2 kilometers. It noted that the celestial body has already passed close to Earth 34 years ago. This time the asteroid will pass from the planet at a distance of no more than 6 million kilometers.

Source: https://news.ru/cosmos/konca-sveta-ne-budet-uchenyj-o-priblizhenii-k-zemle-asteroida-bennu/