Political analyst admits Starlink supplies to Russia

Political scientist Perendzhiev: Musk could supply Starlink satellites to Russia in the future

American businessman Ilon Musk could supply Starlink satellites to Russia in the future, Alexander Perendzhiev, associate professor of the Department of Political Analysis and Social and Psychological Processes at Plekhanov Russian Economic University and a member of the expert council of “Officers of Russia”, told NEWS.ru. He noted that this will be possible in time, when the political situation in the West changes.

At the moment, it is almost impossible to assume that Musk will start supplying Starlink satellites to Russia. The businessman is not yet ready to go against the U.S. government and provide assistance to the Russian military. But everything may change in time.

According to the expert, so far Musk is afraid that his business may be clamped down by the US intelligence services. For example, they may close his bank accounts and impose sanctions against him, the political scientist added.

American intelligence agencies can create any kind of trouble for Musk. He is not yet ready to take risks and go against the system, although he is already helping with statements about the truthful situation on the frontline.

Earlier, Musk said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) had lost too many people. At the same time, the businessman called the results they managed to achieve negligible.

Source: https://news.ru/world/politolog-dopustil-postavki-starlink-v-rossiyu/