How people depend on magnetic storms – expert opinion

Surely everyone has heard such an explanation of the causes of headaches or malaise from relatives or friends: magnetic storms are to blame … Experts explain how these phenomena actually affect a person, whether they can be predicted and reduce the impact on the body.

Medics attribute to the symptoms of meteorological dependence such symptoms as headache, dizziness, weakness, joint pain, decreased efficiency, lethargy, anemia, drowsiness, increased anxiety. As for the prediction of magnetic storms – this is from the field of fortune-telling on the coffee grounds, even more skeptical scientists are skeptical of maps and charts of magnetic storms, which are made for a week, a month, and even a year in advance. Specialists explain: solar flares, which cause emissions, must first reach the Earth, and then people will feel them. After two or three days, clots of solar matter reach the Earth.

There is a magnetic field around the Earth. Radiation from the Sun and solar matter also carry a magnetic field. There is a confrontation of two fields – the Earth’s own field and the field that comes from the Sun. When the Sun’s radiation is calm, even, then equilibrium is established and the solar wind goes around the Earth, so to speak, evenly. If there are flares on the Sun, the solar wind becomes stronger and the equilibrium is disturbed. In this case, the boundary between the two magnetic fields shifts, there is a chaotic change in the parameters of magnetic fields – people call this process a magnetic storm.

The scientist explained why only storms that have already happened can affect humans: blood is salty and contains many charged particles and ions, so a magnetic field acts on them. If the magnetic field changes chaotically, the forces that act on charged blood particles will also change chaotically – it will be difficult for them to move, which can lead to the effect of blood stagnation in small vessels and capillaries. Because of this, some organs will be worse supplied with oxygen – this is the whole reason for the deterioration of well-being.

What to do on such days for those who are sensitive to solar flares? Fortunately, not all people are weather-dependent. Galina Volkova, head of the prevention department of the Odintsovo hospital, told us who is affected by the phenomenon.

Mainly those who have chronic diseases of the heart, blood vessels, respiratory tract, endocrine system. Patients with mental disorders, undergone surgeries, traumas can also feel. Prepare for such natural fluctuations, or rather, to be in full force, you can. It is enough to follow simple well-known rules – to adjust nutrition, sleep, reduce mental load, information noise from the Internet, TV.

In addition, it is necessary to maintain the tone of blood vessels, heart by simple physical activity, exercise, ventilate the room, as well as give up bad habits and energy drinks.