Effective health in League of Legends

In the world of League of Legends there is such a thing as effective health. To understand what it means, let's take a simple example.

Let’s assume that due to your physical defense, you receive 50% less damage, and your health reserve is 1500. Accordingly, in order for the enemy to kill you, he needs to inflict 3000 units of damage. It is the number 3000 that represents effective health.

Effective health in League of Legends

Very often, novice players greatly overestimate the defense indicator and, for example, buy artifacts only for protection and do not buy anything to increase the maximum health reserve. Firstly, enemies can buy artifacts that pierce part of the armor. This is especially true for the Last Whisper artifact, which ignores a percentage of your armor.

If you suddenly thought that then it’s worth spitting on defense and buying artifacts only to increase your maximum health, then you will be wrong. Firstly, there are a huge number of skills that deal damage depending on your maximum health, and there is also an artifact like Blade of the Ruined King, which deals damage depending on your health. FROM all of the above, it becomes clear that you need to buy artifacts both for protection and for increasing your maximum health.

The price of one unit of health and one unit of defense are different. For example, one unit of health, in terms of artifacts, costs 2.63 gold, and one unit of defense costs 20 gold. In order not to rack your brains about the ratio in which to buy artifacts for health and protection, I will give you some numbers. For 1600 health units, it is optimal to have approximately 110 armor units. Further purchases of artifacts for protection and health should be approximately around these figures. That is, we bought something for armor, then for health.


Likewise, if you begin to increase your magic resistance, then you should not forget that maximum health is no less important.


Of course, the figures given above are just an example and any purchase of artifacts always strictly depends on the composition of the enemy team and what artifacts they buy. For example, there is no point in increasing your defense if the enemy team has champions who deal pure damage, that is, one that ignores your defense.