General information about physical defense and magical resistance in League of Legends

All League of Legends champions deal either physical or magical damage. The strength of this damage depends of course on the attacker and on the defense of the attacked target.

The higher your defense, the correspondingly less damage you receive. The only exception is pure damage, which ignores the target’s armor. In this article we will talk about physical and magical protection and how it can be most effectively increased. You can learn more about the characteristics on account heroes from

First of all, it is worth noting that each champion at the beginning of the game has a certain amount of protection, which increases with each level. For each champion, the amount of initial armor and the increase with level differ. For example, a Gnar champion at level 18 without artifacts for defense will have 65 physical armor, and for Maokai this figure will be 96.

Please note that physical defense only reduces the damage of basic attacks of enemy champions and skills that have physical damage. To reduce magical damage, you must have magical resistance accordingly. By the way, the majority of champions start the game with 30 units of magic resistance.

With each new level, magic resistance increases only for champions with melee attacks. The only exceptions are: Kassadin, Maokai, Poppy, Shen, Singed and Yasuo. Also, magic resistance does not increase with level for champions: Elise, Gnar, Jayce, Kayle and Nidalee, since they essentially have the ability to deal damage from a distance by changing the form or type of attack.