Counterwarding in League of Legends

The concept of counter-warding implies the destruction of enemy wards. As a rule, at the beginning of the game, most players take regular free wards.

For example, if you play as a support and buy an artifact for gold (improving it later), then it is better to immediately replace the free ward with Oracle Alteration. This way you can check key places (Dragon or Baron spawn) for the presence of enemy wards and destroy them. We were told it’s best to do it on accounts from Control Ward is also used to detect enemy wards.

This type of ward is very often used before killing a Dragon or Baron to destroy all enemy wards and remove their visibility. Another way to detect wards is the buff with Sharpbeaks. When a jungler uses the Smite spell on Sharpbeaks, he receives a special buff that is automatically activated the moment an enemy ward spots you.

Over the next 10 seconds, you will be able to quickly find a ward (or even several) and destroy it.