Unity backs down. The company apologizes for the planned charges

After a lot of backlash from game studios, developers, and gaming enthusiasts alike, Unity seems to be seriously reconsidering recently announced plans to charge for its game engine.

UKRAINE - 2021/11/10: In this photo illustration, the Unity Technologies (Unity Software Inc.) logo is seen on a smartphone and a pc screen. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Originally, the company wanted to charge for installing games, for example. Now he seems to be backing down.


Unity is reconsidering the scheduled fees and apologizing

We will know the changes within a week

Last week I informed you that Unity Technologies was planning to introduce new fees. But Tuesday’s announcement sparked a wave of backlash. Many game developers joined forces and boycotted Unity Technologies’ advertising platform in protest, strongly opposing the new business model. There have been questions about reinstallation fees on new/different devices, installing pirated copies, streaming games, and more. Unity has now released a new statement acknowledging the developers’ concerns.


The official statement on Twitter/X begins with a call for calm between the embittered parties, continues with an apology, and ends with news that changes are coming. Importantly, the fee policy will be updated again, with details to be communicated “within a few days”.


“We hear you. We apologize for the confusion and upset caused by the fee policy we announced on Tuesday. We are listening, talking to our team members, community, customers and partners and will make changes to this policy. We will share the update with you in a few days. Thank you for your honest and critical feedback.”


Some of the most vocal critics of the new fee policy include: the creators of Among Us, Games Awards presenter Geoff Keighley and the creator of Garry’s Mod. Additionally, several developers working on the Unity engine threatened to shelve or abandon current Unity projects, or switch to another engine.