Remasters of Oblivion and Fallout 3 are possibly in development

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) vs. Microsoft is once again in the spotlight. Although the court is practically decided at this moment, the discovery of new confidential information continues.

This time, the documents suggest that studios like Bethesda Game Studios and id Software have been working (are working?) on a number of games, including a new Doom, Dishonored 3, and remasters of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3.


One of these documents is the roadmap shared by Resetera. The document is apparently a few years old as it includes a 2021 release date for Starfield. There are also references to “Project Hibiki” which became Hi-Fi Rush being moved from late 2021 to early 2023. So it goes about a roadmap not yet affected by covid. It’s also worth noting that the documents are from before Microsoft completed its acquisition of ZeniMax in March 2021. So there is a possibility that plans have changed significantly or been canceled altogether.


The remaster of Oblivion, which was planned for 2022, is certainly worth paying attention to. The same is true of the remake of Fallout 3, which, according to the document, should be released next year.


The document needs to be approached with a certain amount of skepticism. Even the best-laid corporate plans can change, and while some or all of these projects may have been intended, there’s no guarantee they’ve made it to the production stage or will ever see the light of day.