Transporting a gas stove

After disconnecting all the removable elements, the gas stove becomes quite light and only one person could handle it, but it is better to carry the equipment from the threshold to the car with four hands This will be more reliable. To transport the slab, you can use either a truck or a car.

In a truck
When using a truck with a large body, it is necessary to securely fix the gas stove so that it does not move while driving. There is also a risk of damage to other boxes from the corners of the equipment or adjustment knobs. The gas stove must be placed in such a way as to minimize the risk of it falling or other boxes falling on it. Particular attention must be paid to the glass oven door. No matter how well it is packaged, the glass may crack under strong mechanical stress. Most trucks have special tie down straps. These should be used to secure the gas stove in the body.Transporting a gas stove

In a car
Compared to dishwashers or washing machines, gas stoves have one important advantage – they can be transported both vertically and horizontally. This type of equipment can be placed on its side in the trunk. If there are voids around the case, they must be filled with other boxes to secure the equipment. Gas stoves fit into the trunks of almost all passenger cars. When transporting in the cabin, it can be placed behind the front passenger seat. Be sure to place some unnecessary fabric under the stove. Even after a good cleaning, sticky stains could remain on its sides, and during shaking on the road, soapy water or grease residues could leak out of the case. Carefully place the stove in the cabin, as the equipment has quite sharp corners and they can scratch the upholstery.