Tips for packing and transporting dishes

By following simple tips, even the most fragile dishes can be transported intact:


It is best to place dishes in several medium-sized drawers;
since the very area of the cups are the handles, they need to be wrapped several times with a paper napkin and secured with tape;
To protect ceramic and crystal products, it is better to use wrapping paper. As for newspapers, they stain dishes and have to be washed repeatedly;Tips for packing and transporting dishes
For the most fragile products, you can use plastic containers in which aquarium fish are transported. You can ask pet store workers for special containers;
The dishes must be washed thoroughly before packing. The fact is that if the dishes are not used immediately in a new place, mold or an unpleasant odor may appear over time;
The heaviest and most voluminous dishes should be placed at the bottom of the drawer. It is more convenient to place the smallest and lightest objects on top. Existing voids must be filled with packaging material;
When sealing the box, it is better to label it and also indicate where the bottom of the box is. For this, it is best to use a sticker or a bright marker. While sorting out things in a new apartment, the owner will understand how convenient it is to use stickers when moving.