Packaging of various types of dishes

Man moving house and relocating with fragile items

To ensure high-quality packing of dishes when moving, you should prepare containers and call Thick cardboard must be placed at the bottom of cardboard boxes. It is important to wrap the walls of the drawers with tape. Thanks to this, the box will not tear at the most inopportune moment and the dishes will not fall out through the bottom. It makes no sense to put all the dishes in one large drawer. It makes much more sense to use medium or small boxes. It is more convenient to sort dishes by purpose – plates in one drawer, cups in another. A sticker must be placed on the surface of the boxes to make it easier to find the things you need.

Packaging of tea set and glasses
Before packing, the set must be sorted – place cups and glasses in one drawer, and plates and saucers in another. Each cup and glass should be filled with crumpled newspaper. The top of the dishes must be additionally wrapped in bubble wrap or wrapping paper. Since glasses and cups are more prominent than plates and saucers, it is important to pack them in a hard box. Rags, cotton wool, and soft sealant should be placed between objects. Cardboard, foam rubber or foam crumbs are poured onto the bottom of the box. The free space between glasses and cups is filled with packaging material. This way, the dishes will not hit each other during transportation.Packaging of various types of dishes

Packaging of plates
First of all, each plate and saucer must be wrapped in newspaper or wrapping paper.

Once collected in small stacks, the plates can be further packed in bubble wrap for maximum protection. It is advisable to place a stack of plates or saucers sideways (on their edges). Due to this, the load on the dishes during movement will be minimal. To reduce the pressure on the bottom of the container, it is advisable to form small stacks.

Packaging of herring bowls and salad bowls
As a rule, these dishes are also quite textured and voluminous. Therefore, the principle of packaging salad bowls is similar to that used for cups. It is important to wrap each product in bubble wrap, soft cloth or padding polyester. If the dish is deep and also bowl-shaped, you need to put crumpled newspaper inside. Before placing dishes, you need to put a softening cloth or seal on the bottom of the drawer. It is important to fill the voids formed between the walls of the drawer and the dishes.