Materials required for packing dishes


It is advisable to prepare containers for transporting dishes a couple of days before the move with To protect plates and cups from possible damage, you must use:

wooden boxes or boxes made of thick cardboard;
container filler (sawdust, foam chips or old newspapers);
bubble or packaging film, padding polyester, foam rubber, rags;
scissors and stationery tape for sealing boxes;
stickers with the text: “Caution! Glass!”;
durable shopping bags;
marker for signing boxes.Materials required for packing dishes

There is no need to spend money on containers and fillers. To save money, you can go to your local grocery store and ask for a few durable boxes. You can ask your friends and neighbors for old newspapers and unnecessary polystyrene foam.

To quickly find the necessary utensils in a new place, it is advisable to label each box. The most valuable dishes can be placed in soft and bulky items (blankets, down jackets or towels). In this case, fragile plates and cups will be provided with additional protection.

It is recommended to pack more textured dishes that are coated with glaze in boxes with filling. Rigid walls will provide fragile objects with the necessary stability. Kitchen and cutlery, metal utensils and other devices that are not susceptible to mechanical stress can be packed in shopping bags.