What is the best way to transport books?

Books are delicate luggage: they are susceptible to moisture and are easily damaged and stained. That is why it is better not to transport your home library without reliable packaging and https://www.flashmoving.net/household-movers/apartment-movers/two-bedroom-movers/ (simply tying books with rope is also not an option, since in the back of the car they will come into contact with other things being transported, which can lead to their damage).

The issue of book packaging must be approached with the utmost seriousness. First of all, stock up on the following materials:

What is the best way to transport books?
carrying and lifting boxes

air bubble and packaging film;
cardboard boxes;
with tape.

Before finally packing all the books, remove any dust from them with a soft, dry cloth. Then the stacks of books sorted by size need to be tied with rope, wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in boxes. Important: you don’t need to fold books edge-on; in this position they can become deformed. The free space in the box between the books should be filled with newspaper or cloth. For greater reliability, the box of books can be sealed with tape and labeled (for example, “books”). It is better not to overload the boxes themselves with books: they should be filled in such a way that you can carry them to the car without much effort.