Sorting books before moving

In many families, a love of books is instilled from childhood. Initially, fairy tales are read to the child by his parents, but at an older age, each person chooses for himself the book that interests him. Typically, a home library is passed down from one generation to another, so in every home you can find at least a dozen different books. Some books are treasured gifts, rare editions, and timeless classics that you simply can’t say goodbye to when you move with

Any move from one place to another is associated with chaos and panic; in such conditions, damage to things is common. Therefore, on the eve of the move, you must remain absolutely calm and carefully read the rules for transporting books: the more carefully you understand this issue, the safer the transportation itself will be.

You should prepare very carefully for transporting your home library: you cannot simply randomly throw all the books into bags or sacks, since during such transportation there is a huge likelihood of publications being lost or damaged.Sorting books before moving

For many, books are not essential items, so when moving, it is better to try to put things in order in the library in advance: what if you have books at home that you borrowed from someone that need to be given to their owners, or you have found books that are unclaimed for you that you can donate? to your friends. This way you will lighten your luggage when moving. In addition, be sure to try to repair books that are already worn out or torn – this will significantly increase the chances of bringing your home library to a new destination in good condition. For even greater convenience, sort the books:

separately combine multi-volume works: they must be transported in one bundle;
put aside all rare publications: they require special transportation conditions;
Arrange the remaining books by size.
Now that all the books are sorted in this way, it’s time to pack them.