How to properly start a refrigerator after transportation

If transportation was not carried out in its original packaging, the refrigerator cannot be started immediately after unloading at a new place after moving with It is necessary to prepare the device:

If transportation takes place during the cold season, the oil may thicken due to low temperatures. Starting the compressor at this point will damage it. Therefore, before turning on the refrigerator, you need to wait 1 day for the oil to return to its normal consistency.How to properly start a refrigerator after transportation
If the equipment was transported in a horizontal position, it must be placed vertically and left for at least 12 hours. During transportation, oil and freon flow to one side. For them to take their place, you need to wait time.
When transporting the refrigerator in an upright position, it is best to wait 2-3 hours. Although working fluids should remain in the designated compartments, it is better not to start the equipment right away.
Connect to the mains only after the recommended wait. If you do not follow these tips, the refrigerator may fail, requiring expensive repairs and replacement of parts.