How to transport a refrigerator on its side and avoid damage

You need to follow a few simple rules for preparing, loading and transporting the device:


Remove all removable items: plastic and metal shelves, vegetable drawers, from the freezer. Wrap each in thick paper or bubble wrap. All items should be wrapped separately from each other to avoid damage during the move.
The refrigerator door should be tightly closed and should not be opened accidentally while on the road. You need to close it and tighten it tightly with belts, ropes or tape. It is better to use belts made of soft materials and masking tape. The latter does not leave strong traces of glue, the surface can be easily washed off.How to transport a refrigerator on its side and avoid damage
You need to prepare in advance a wooden box suitable in size for the device. Inside at the bottom you need to lay a thick blanket and secure it with strips to the base. If the cover slips, the body and working parts may be damaged along the way against the wooden walls of the box.
When installing the refrigerator in a drawer, the compressor tubes should remain facing up.
After placing the device, you need to install the box with the equipment in the car. It must be additionally secured with supports and belts to ensure stability during turns and on bumps.
Even if these recommendations are applied, there is still a risk of damage when transported on its side. However, it is 70% less. And if the driver of the transport company drives carefully, the equipment arrives at the new home safely.