How to transport a refrigerator

The most important stage moving is transporting equipment in transport. Incorrect position, insufficiently strong fastenings, lack of a base increase the risk of impacts, damage to the housing and internal parts of the operating mechanism. To deliver your refrigerator safely, you must follow proven recommendations:

You only need to take it out of your house or apartment in an upright position. Follow this rule before placing it in the car. Since it is not convenient to carry it out in a vertical position, it is better to do this with an assistant so as not to drop or hit the equipment. Carrying straps help make this task easier. As well as special carts and pallets on wheels.How to transport a refrigerator
You need to carry it out carefully and carefully, avoid swinging, hitting walls or floors. If you need to change position, turn it around, it is better to put it on the floor so as not to drop it.
For transportation in a car, you need a base that softens shocks when driving and also prevents sliding on the floor. You can use a thick blanket or cardboard.
It is also advisable to transport it in an upright position. You need to place the refrigerator so that the position is stable and the top part does not touch the roof of the body or other objects, otherwise there will be dents and scratches.
The tilt of the refrigerator during transportation should not exceed 40°. Therefore, it is important to monitor the position and stability of the equipment. A large slope causes improper distribution of freon and oil.
Stability in the car can be ensured with stands and belts.