How to prepare a refrigerator for transportation

The refrigerator is one of the main problems of moving without The equipment is bulky, heavy and fragile, which poses difficulties for organizers. In addition, a new one is very expensive, and repairing an old one is also expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure careful transportation. To avoid damage, you need to prepare the device correctly. Especially if the move is to another city. Because even a short journey can cause malfunctions. Especially if it is bumpy, in holes and bumps.

To prepare the refrigerator for transportation, you must:How to prepare a refrigerator for transportation

Completely empty shelves and freezer compartments of food and medicines. Then turn it off, defrost and wash the inside, preferably with disinfectants. This will protect against the development of harmful microorganisms, and will also help avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor due to a prolonged closed state.
The parts need to be completely dry, allowing enough time for this. Due to dampness, mold can form and metal components begin to rust. Even after wiping with a dry cloth, parts may remain damp. Therefore, it is better to ensure drying naturally and start defrosting a few days before departure.
Take out all the shelves and drawers, pack them in film with air bubbles, thick paper.
To prevent the door from opening accidentally during transportation, you need to secure the refrigerator with tape, belts or ropes.
Protect the compressor (tighten the bolts to ensure a stationary position, or put gaskets made of cardboard, rubber, or other dense material).
The last step is to pack the refrigerator. It is better to use the factory box, which is usually shaped like foam. If it is not preserved, you can use film with air bubbles.
It is better to turn over and remove the refrigerator with at least two people to avoid accidental bumps and falls.