Upholstered furniture: packaging

When transporting upholstered furniture, the packaging algorithm is not much different from that used when transporting cabinet furniture by movers  https://www.flashmoving.net/long-distance-movers/boston-new-york-moving/:

If possible, we disassemble the upholstered furniture into its components, remove the armrests, and also disconnect the drawers for linen.
Tie the folding mechanism in the sofas in such a way that it does not accidentally work during transportation.
Wrap each element that appears after disassembling the furniture with bubble wrap to minimize the likelihood of damage.Upholstered furniture: packaging
If upholstered furniture has decorative elements (facades, wooden panels, balustrades), they need to be protected using cardboard.
The legs of upholstered furniture also need to be protected; for this you should use cardboard or a special profile.
The fittings should also be collected in one package, as in the case of cabinet furniture, and then attached to any surface of the transported furniture.
If you are transporting furniture made from genuine leather, then you may need to treat it with a special spray before transporting it. To find out whether to do this or not and how best to do it, you should consult with the service center, manufacturer or furniture seller.