Cabinet furniture: packaging

Where to start packing cabinet furniture? Initially, it is better to decide whether there is a need to disassemble the furniture and call When disassembled, the furniture is much more convenient and easier to transport, since it takes up less space and there should be no problems with its transfer. Disassembly is especially important in cases where large furniture needs to be transported.

If we are talking about small and compact home furnishings, such as chairs, cabinets, small chests of drawers, then they do not need to be disassembled for transportation.

If the furniture cannot be disassembled for transportation, then it is important to remove all items from it. For example, if a chest of drawers is filled with textiles, it will weigh quite a lot, which will create certain problems when removing it from the room, as well as during transportation itself. In addition, the risk of damaging furniture will increase significantly.

From all of the above, we can formulate a general procedure for transporting cabinet furniture, which looks like this:Cabinet furniture: packaging

If necessary, we disassemble the furniture into its component parts.
We dismantle all removable furniture elements: wheels, handles, legs, etc.
We take out all the shelves and pack them separately;
If there are any sliding elements (drawers, doors, etc.), they must be secured using special adhesive tape. If the retractable elements are quite massive, then 2-3 layers of adhesive tape must be used to secure them.
The furniture body should be completely wrapped with bubble tape.
The bottom and top of furniture are best protected with cardboard. The best option in this case would be three-layer corrugated cardboard. If the transported cabinet furniture has legs that cannot be removed, then two additional cardboard layers must be used to protect its bottom. This will increase the rigidity of the packaging.
It is better to collect the fittings from the transported furniture in one place; for example, you can make a bag from air bubble film. It is better to attach such a package to one of the surfaces with tape so as not to lose anything during transportation.
To avoid any problems when assembling furniture, it is better to sign all its dismountable elements using a marker.
If you have diagrams for assembling and disassembling furniture, then they should be put in a bag and then attached to the packing tape. This will make it easier to pack up your furniture after you move to your new place.