The nuances of transporting a washing machine

Important! Never turn the washing machine upside down without!

It is better to transport the washing machine on its side (undesirable) or lying down than to install it in a car for transportation upside down. This is because moisture will remain in the device in any case, which means that if it is upside down, the moisture will flow onto the control panel. As a result, the machine will most likely require repairs, which can cost a lot of money. Therefore, it is better not to take risks and not transport it in this position.

If you do not have bolts for transportation, be sure to secure the washing machine tank with foam rubber.The nuances of transporting a washing machine

In addition, do not forget about the intake for detergents. There may also be a small amount of water left in it, which can flood the board. Therefore, it is best to remove the cuvette and transport it separately from the device body. If you can’t do this, be sure to wipe this part dry.

You can transport automatic washing machines on the back wall except for devices manufactured by Zanussi. This is due to the location of counterweights in them, as a result of which, when transported on the back, they can crush the filling valve of the device.

Sometimes owners of washing machines transport them on the front wall. It is worth understanding that this transportation option is unacceptable. This is because in this position the hatch and cuff of the device will most likely be damaged.