Tips for transporting paintings safely

You have already become familiar with the basic techniques that allow you to transport paintings without harming them. Main – call But there are a few more nuances that owners of canvases should be aware of before transporting them. If you are a collector and owner of several dozen paintings, then carefully packing them will take a lot of time and effort. To make your task easier, you can purchase ready-made prefabricated boxes. This will significantly save your resources – you will not need to cover each picture with cardboard. After all the canvases are packed, it would be a good idea to mark and number them. Markings will indicate that there is valuable cargo inside. And when you arrive at the place, it will be much easier to figure out which canvas is in which box.Tips for transporting paintings safely

If your move occurs during the cold season, be careful and careful! In the cold, paint tends to harden and may crack. Remember this and, upon arrival, do not start unpacking the paintings immediately. You need to give time for the temperature of the surrounding air and the canvas to gradually become equal. These are, perhaps, all the basic rules and tips, following which you can transport paintings without harm to them.