Rules for transporting paintings

Even if you approach the process of packing paintings with all responsibility, a number of troubles may await them along the way. Therefore, paintings should be transported extremely carefully and with During loading, while driving on bad roads and shaking on bumps, due to changes in temperature and humidity, damage to the canvas may occur. And this is not the entire list of situations dangerous for paintings. What can be done to protect works of art from the negative consequences of moving?

You need to carefully consider your route and try to choose the smoothest road with the minimum number of sharp turns and uneven surfaces.
The driver of the vehicle must also be warned about the valuable cargo and choose the optimal speed for movement.Rules for transporting paintings
During loading and unloading, it is also important to carefully handle the objects being transported: they should only be handled by the frame or stretcher; you should not grab the canvas itself!
Be sure to secure the frames and pictures in the packaging inside the van; they should not move freely on the road. This is especially true for large canvases – vibrations can cause damage to them.

What if a work of art has a special value? Such specimens travel in specialized vehicles, in compartments where a certain humidity and air temperature are maintained. And it is better to insure such valuable paintings before transportation.

If you are not sure that you can handle the packaging and transportation of paintings yourself, you should turn to professionals. After all, paying specialists for their services is more profitable and easier than later grieving over lost works of art.