Competent transportation without harm to the animal

To prevent the cat from disappearing, which may become frightened and run away while things are being carried for loading into transport, lock the pet in a room with the least number of people (toilet, bathroom). If the balcony is securely protected and does not have through holes, leave the animal there.
Important! Place the tray and treats indoors with your cat so she can eat and relieve herself if necessary.Competent transportation without harm to the animal

Avoid overfeeding your pet on the day you plan to move. Unusual movements can cause discomfort and disrupt digestion, which can lead to unpleasant consequences such as vomiting or bloating.

Place your favorite toy in the carrier – a familiar thing will calm your pet. Do not open the carrier door – a frightened animal may run away.
Do this in a safe place and allow the cat to come out on its own without undue haste when it is no longer afraid and is ready for it.
Important! Don’t forget to bring duct tape with you. This will be needed if the carrier breaks during transportation.