Smoothly prepare your cat for a change of environment

Start introducing your cat to the carrier a few weeks before moving with Just don’t rush to put the animal inside right away! This is a big mistake that can traumatize your pet’s psyche. Allow the animal to explore the new object on its own. If the cat is not interested and avoids the carrier, help her with a little trick: start leaving her favorite treat nearby and lay a comfortable and soft bedding inside. Every day, try to move the food bowl, thereby placing it closer to the back wall of the carrier. This way the animal will gradually and without unnecessary stress get rid of fear and stop being afraid of limited space.Smoothly prepare your cat for a change of environment
Try to place your suitcases in a visible place in advance and start packing things for moving without making too much noise – this can irritate your pet. Let your cat sniff the boxes, don’t scold her if she wants to sharpen her claws. If loud noises cannot be avoided, lock the animal in a quiet room to minimize stress.
Do not disturb your pet’s usual rhythm. Still observe the time allotted for feeding, pamper the animal, show attention and care – cats love affectionate treatment and respond in kind.
If your cat is overly shy, visit a veterinarian. The specialist will recommend sedatives that will relieve stress and make the cat more flexible.