Packaging rules

Pack heavy items, such as dishes or books, in small boxes or combine them with fabric items or call
The ideal way to pack books is in stacks. To keep your library clean, place each stack in a trash bag.
While packing, immediately make handles out of tape. This will greatly simplify carrying, because it is easier to move inconvenient, heavy things by holding the handle, and instead of one box you can take two.
Handles from adhesive tape can also be made on small or disassembled furniture. But in this case, it is important to remember that the tape leaves traces on the furniture. To avoid this, you must first place something under the tape, for example, wrap the furniture in packaging film.
A universal option is packaging film. It is suitable for everything, without exception – dishes, furniture, clothes, equipment, etc. Before packaging the dishes with film, you should wrap them in paper, then they will not ring or rattle.Packaging rules
Boxes containing fragile or breakable items must be marked “Caution!” or whatever you want, but in such a way that it is clear that inside is a fragile thing.
Pack boxes tightly. The resulting voids must be filled with paper or rags.
If some furniture can be disassembled, it is better to disassemble it. Sort all the parts, fasten them, pack them and write them down in a notebook. Place the bolts and screws in a labeled bag. Such signed bags from all furniture must be placed in a separate box. You should not attach a bag of screws to furniture; the likelihood of losing it is very high.
Consider having bags “for the first time.” Their components are what you would take on a family trip, for example, for several weeks, plus dishes, household chemicals, bedding and tools. If you have animals, add vital items for them to the essentials.
Make sure in advance that you have equipment for moving bulky, heavy items, such as furniture.
And last but very important. Designate bags of a specific color just for trash. In the turmoil, it is easy to confuse and throw away the necessary things. A specific color will help you navigate and not make a mistake.