If you follow a few simple packing principles, you’ll find everything you need quickly and easily in your new place.

The main rule is mandatory labeling and calling

Everything must be numbered. It is advisable to put the number on several sides, then the box will not have to be turned over to find it. At the same time, in a notebook or notepad, you need to write down an exact list of things in each box. Human memory loves to present surprises, and if you are now confident that you know the contents of, for example, box No. 1 by heart, then in a week you may not remember what is in it, even approximately. For such a case, a list of things is needed. The ideal option is a duplicate list: one in a notebook, the other directly in the box.Package

Another good packing principle is according to the location of things.

You can place things in boxes, taking into account their original location. For example, the “bottom drawer of the chest of drawers” or the “right mezzanine” box. But even in this case, a detailed list is necessary. Packing items according to their location will make unloading easier. After all, it is, of course, better to take the “Kitchen” boxes straight into the kitchen, and it is better to leave the “Corridor” boxes at the entrance.

By the way, color marking of rooms greatly simplifies and optimizes unloading. For example, the kitchen is red, the bedroom is green, the hallway is blue, etc. While packing, place a sticker of the appropriate color on each box or bag, and the day before moving, post color codes in the rooms in the new premises. Of course, tell the movers what kind of papers are stuck on them. You will see how quickly the work will go.