Packing: how to prepare properly

Such a painstaking process as packing things can be almost painless if you approach its organization competently and call At this stage of organizing a move, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

Sort your clothes by season. At the new place, you will unpack only the necessary packages; the rest, with out-of-season clothing, can be safely left for later;
Before packing, clean and wash everything that needs cleaning and washing;Packing: how to prepare properly
get rid of things you don’t need or don’t like. Moving is an ideal opportunity to get rid of everything unnecessary that for some reason you didn’t dare throw away. Agree, everyone has such things, for example, impractical gifts that cannot be thrown away so as not to offend the giver, or items with which bad memories are associated. Don’t hesitate – throw it away. There may no longer be a chance to get rid of them.

Packing your things can already be considered the beginning of the move. As with the previous preparatory stages, it must be approached wisely, then the process will go like clockwork and unpacking in a new place will be just as quick and without losses.