Start: proper preparation for moving

When preparing to move with, first of all you need to buy all the necessary materials, because in the process you will not only have the desire, but also the opportunity to be distracted by trifles. The list of necessary things is approximately as follows:

Packaging container:

boxes. Before you begin, it is important to stock up on boxes of various sizes. You can buy them, you can just beg them from sellers. Remember – do not take large boxes. Once filled, it is often impossible to even lift them, let alone move them;
Trash bags. The ideal option is in different sizes and colors. Why? This will help a lot during the work process. How? You’ll see;
bags for construction waste. Their advantages are great strength and low cost;
trunks for clothes, suitcases;
bags for shuttles. The famous plaid bags (or something like that) are a must-have for those who move frequently. Thanks to their great strength, they can be used many times and are convenient to store, because when folded they take up minimal space.Start: proper preparation for moving

Packaging materials:

scotch. Lots of different colors. You can buy a paint one, but it often breaks, so you should be careful when handling it;
tape holder. At first glance, this is an optional moving tool, but it significantly simplifies the packing process. Taking into account the saved nerves and time, we can say that the dispenser is a necessary thing;
packing tape. A universal and simple assistant in the process of packing various things;
old newspapers. You can’t live without them!

3. Marking tools. There may be markers, felt-tip pens, various stickers or colored paper. Here you can let your imagination run wild and at least somehow brighten up the tedious and not very pleasant process of moving.

4. Accounting tools. As practice shows, before moving you need to stock up on a notepad or notebook and pen. Although at first glance they seem to be secondary things, in the process they turn out to be indispensable. And it’s better that your records are all in one place. The ideal option is to duplicate the notes on a computer or printer.

5. Devices for transporting cargo.