Furniture packaging

Large furniture is disassembled into boards and fittings. This is often impossible to do without, because such things often do not fit through the doorways, and also do not fit into the elevator. Facades, walls and shelves must be wrapped with cling film or bubble wrap. Then the packaged pieces of furniture are signed. Accessories are carefully placed in fabric or plastic bags, on which I also write down what was put there. If this is not done, it will become more difficult to assemble the furniture later. If there are no professional skills, it is more correct to entrust such work to assemblers.Furniture packaging

Particular attention should be paid to furniture facades where there is glass or mirrors. These items are carefully packed using bubble wrap. Such items also need to be marked as fragile. It is advisable to pack the prepared furniture in boxes pre-reinforced with sheets of corrugated cardboard. Chairs, bedside tables, floor lamps, as well as other small furniture are wrapped in polyethylene and transported without disassembling.

To transport expensive furniture that cannot be disassembled, such as a piano, qualified movers are hired. Experts will advise you on how to pack these items before transportation. In many cases, such furniture is wrapped in plastic film before going downstairs, and additionally packed during transportation.