A veterinarian has called out the consequences of dyeing French rivers green

Physician Shelyakov claimed destruction of the ecosystem of rivers in France after coloring the water

Any interference in the ecosystem threatens serious consequences, up to its complete destruction, Mikhail Shelyakov, a veterinarian of the highest category, told NEWS.ru. Thus he commented on the action in France, in which eco-activists painted water in fountains and canals in green color in protest. As a result, fish in the canals began to die en masse.

Any interference with the ecosystem can have serious consequences. There are no special colors for tinting water, which means that the main question is what these eco-activists used. In any case, if it led to mass extinction of fish, then this dye is simply incompatible with life,” Shelyakov noted.

The expert recalled a similar case in Moscow. The park officials had painted the bird pink to protect it from predators, but the paint lost its water repellency and it drowned.

This case in France is just as unwise. If eco-activists used chemistry, the effects of pollution will last for a long time, up to several months. In addition to fish, microorganisms that participate in the aquatic ecosystem could have died in the water body. And in this case, even if the dye disappears, the disturbances in the ecosystem will remain,” the doctor added.


Source: https://news.ru/russia/veterinar-nazval-posledstviya-okrashivaniya-francuzskih-rek-v-zelenyj-cvet/