How to prevent greens from appearing on potatoes?

To prevent the appearance of greens on potatoes, you need to follow the rules for storing and processing them. Here are some of them:

Store potatoes in a dark, dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
Before storing, sort potatoes and remove damaged, sprouted or green tubers.
Do not store potatoes in plastic bags or containers, which do not allow air to pass through and encourage the development of rot and mold.
Periodically check potatoes for greens, sprouts or signs of spoilage and remove unusable tubersHow to prevent greens from appearing on potatoes?
A few tips for cooking potatoes. Before cooking, carefully peel the potatoes, especially in the green areas or eyes. It is better to cut off the peel in a thick layer, as solanine can penetrate deep into the pulp.
Boil or fry potatoes until fully cooked, as at high temperatures some of the solanine is destroyed or turns into water or fat. Do not use water or fat after boiling or frying green potatoes for other dishes.
Do not eat potatoes that have a bitter taste or unpleasant odor.