Don’t throw away strawberry tails – it’s a big mistake

Strawberries are not only a tasty berry, they are a storehouse of nutrients. Berries are an excellent means of preventing cardiovascular diseases; they whiten tooth enamel; strawberry masks moisturize and nourish the skin. However, not only the juicy fruits have healing powers, but also the sepals, which are usually sent to the trash bin. And this power is truly enormous: ponytails can be used both as an excellent cosmetic product and for cancer prevention. It couldn’t be easier to do this – just add the sepals to your tea.

Let’s find out what the benefits of tails are and how they can be used to create a magical drink that nourishes the body and brings pleasure with its taste and aroma.

The benefits of ponytails
Strawberry tails, which we often neglect and throw away after consuming the berries, have anti-inflammatory effects almost the same as raspberries. They contain a wide range of useful substances – from vitamins to folic acid. They increase blood circulation and improve blood composition. It is noteworthy that small sepals contain a higher concentration of nutrients than large leaves.

The secret of collecting and drying strawberry tails
If you want to prepare signature tea with natural vitamin supplements, then to do this you need to collect and dry the strawberry tails. This should be done outdoors or in a well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight. After drying, the plant material should be placed in a glass or ceramic jar and tightly closed, ensuring storage in a dark and cool place. You can also use a paper bag for storage. Storage conditions are the same.

Strawberry tail tea
Dried strawberry sepals can be added to regular tea or brewed separately for a more powerful infusion. This delicious, aromatic drink not only provides an anti-stress effect, but also acts as a sedative, rivaling the calming properties of peppermint tea. This drink is also recommended for people with kidney problems. To prepare delicious healing tea, rinse the kettle with boiling water, throw in 15-20 tails, 1 tsp. green tea and some rose hips. Pour boiling water over the mixture and let the drink brew for 7-10 minutes. Healthy tea is ready – drink it with honey, it tastes better.

Strawberry ponytails help against coldsDon't throw away strawberry tails - it's a big mistake
From the sepals you can make not only tea, but also compote. To do this, pour boiling water over thoroughly washed tails. The proportion is as follows: 4 teaspoons of tails – 400 g of boiling water. The mixture is infused for 15 minutes, and then the infusion is consumed in small portions throughout the day. This decoction is indicated for colds.

Skin rejuvenation with a strawberry ponytail mask
If you want to have radiant, youthful skin, prepare a mask from strawberry sepals. This mask is very easy to prepare. To do this, grind the recently picked strawberry tails with a blender, apply the resulting mass to your face and neck for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply the cream that you usually use. This simple recipe will refresh your skin and help smooth out wrinkles.

Exclusive recipe against hair loss
Are you suffering from hair loss? Prepare a healing mask from strawberry sepals to strengthen them. Add water to the oatmeal flakes, and then puree prepared from the leftover strawberries. You need to smear this nutrient mixture onto your hair three times a week and leave it on for half an hour. Very soon you will witness magic: your curls will regain their strength, will not fall out, and will acquire radiant shine and volume.

Natural remedy for diabetes
Fighting diabetes can be a challenge, but sepals can solve this problem too. Brew tea and drink a cup of it in the morning, lunch and evening. This wonderful decoction helps normalize sugar levels in the body.

Unleash the extraordinary taste of your culinary creations
In addition to their health benefits, strawberry sepals can add a special flavor to your culinary creations. Soft sepals are an excellent dressing for salads prepared from fresh vegetables, which can only be compared with lemon juice. Ponytails can also be added to leaf salads – this will give the dish a delicious twist. Treat yourself to this extraordinary taste by adding ponytails to your daily salad.

If you add strawberry leaves to your daily diet, you can improve your health, rejuvenate your body and add a unique taste to your daily dishes. Take advantage of the natural properties of strawberry tails and unlock their potential for a healthier, more vibrant life!