What is shawarma called in different parts of the world?

Shawarma, while maintaining its basic recipe, has acquired different names depending on the region in which it is prepared, changing the taste characteristics in accordance with local preferences:

In Turkey, shawarma is called “doner”. Here, a choice of beef https://greenelly.com/, lamb or chicken is placed on the flatbread, complemented by tomatoes, peppers, pickles and a yogurt-based sauce seasoned with lemon or vinegar. Doner kebab, a variation of this dish enclosed in pita bread, has become a favorite delicacy of Europeans, in particular the Germans.

In Greece, “Gyros” is popular – a local version of shawarma with three possible types of meat – pork, chicken or lamb. Gyros are served in pita bread with a yogurt-based sauce, French fries, onions and tomatoes. In the north of the country, tomato sauce or mustard is added to Gyros.What is shawarma called in different parts of the world?

Brtuch, an Armenian version of shawarma, involves marinating the meat before baking. Boiled eggs, fresh vegetables, cheese and herbs are often added to this dish here – all this is placed in pita bread.

In Israel, 4 types of meat are used to prepare shawarma – lamb, veal, turkey and lamb. French fries are often placed in shawarma. All ingredients are wrapped in a Middle Eastern flatbread – pita. Add hummus and pickled mango relish.

Shawarma emerged in Ukraine in the early 1990s and quickly took its place as a favorite fast food thanks to its flavor, filling and affordable price. And shawarma was brought to our country by people from the countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia.