Historical roots of shawarma

The vibrant tapestry of shawarma history is believed to have been woven in the northeastern Mediterranean, home to Arabic and Turkish-speaking communities. The word “shawarma”, derived from the Arabic verb “shawaa”, is translated as “fry on fire”, which corresponds to the method of preparing this dish.Historical roots of shawarma

Shawarma traditionally involves roasting meat https://greenelly.com/ such as chicken, lamb or lamb on a spit, a device equipped with vertical skewers, then cutting the meat into thin slices. The juicy, tender meat is then placed in lavash (unleavened thin bread) or pita (layered bread with a cavity) and complemented with fresh vegetables, herbs and a delicious sauce, usually made from yogurt, garlic and spices. Shawarma became a filling and portable food for nomads and traders that could be quickly cooked over a fire and eaten on the go.

Over the years, this Middle Eastern dish has made its way to different parts of the world, taking on different names and adaptations as it spread.